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Global mobility within reach. We provide you with borderless global mobile data access and services.

iziroam Bussines Traveller

Resellers / Travel Industry & Affiliates

Are you a blogger? Are you an online travel agency? Or simply want to make the most of your vast travel network? Start earning attractive commission by better serving international customers.

We have distinct competitive advantages that will benefit travelers and our service is also easy to implement. If this opportunity sounds like something you would be interested in, we want to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. Simply click BECOME A PARTNER and we will get back to you ASAP

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iziroam Bussines Traveller

SMB & Enterprise

Don’t let expensive international data rates affect your business. Equip your team with Iziroam and increase your efficiency. No more high roaming charges, no more hassle.

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Why Partner with IziRoam?

High customer satisfaction, 24/7 partner support & competitive price.

Attract a prime customer base on international travelers by providing them global wifi solution.

Earn attractive commission on a top selling product.

Why Customers will choose IziRoam?

Device Iziroam Modem Wifi

Instant connection wherever you go

Turn it on and connect instantly. Travel to different countries without the need to change sim card or setting.

Fast 4G LTE connection

Use multiple telco provider and shift to fastest available connection at every location with over 300 partners world wide.

Connect up to 5 devices

IziRoam can be shared between 5 wifi enabled device while maintaining strong fast 4G LTE connection.

Cheapest and fastest, GUARANTEED

We’ll match our price if a cheaper price is found.