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Where will my IziRoam Pocket Wi-Fi work?

Iziroam is available in 108 countries. To check whether the country you are travelling too is included, in the list you can check here:

If you are travelling to multiple countries,  your IziRoam will seamlessly change region at every country without the need to change sim card or change the setting. Just remember to include those additional countries when you book your IziRoam.

Will it work on a cruise/plane/in a car?

Unforutnately, IziRoam Pocket Wi-Fi will not work on open water.

Iziroam partners with local cellular carriers to provide outstanding data service for our users. However, IziRoam Pcoket Wi-Fi will work when your ship gets closer to ports and at cruise destinations. The closer you are to land, the better connection you will receive.